Your POS shouldn’t feel like a point of contention.

POS Integration

Tech that works, multiple partners, to suit your preferences, and seamless integration with the way you want to do business. We make it happen. We make it easy.

At Rise Concepts, we take a consultative approach to POS.

It’s not about fitting you into our POS. We fit the entire POS system to you.

Flexible, Not Impossible

In today’s POS world there are so many options and the process can be intimidating and confusing. So many options and locked-in rates, do not give your business the advantage that it needs.

Simple, Not Complicated

We try to simplify the POS buying process. We represent a lot of the the names you’ve heard of as well as many more excellent companies you haven’t … and some of them we can integrate within minutes.

Your Partner, Not a Vendor

Our goal is to be your local POS expert and payments provider. So even if you don’t know what fits your needs just give us a call and let us uncomplicate the complicated world of POS.

POS Technology

Browse a few of our technology partners below. Remember, there are a lot of options.

Union POS
On The Fly
Paradise POS

When you’re tired of doing things the old-fashioned way, you RISE.


Lower fees.
Higher satisfaction.

We're here to serve your business needs and goals.