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Without truth you leave room for distrust to creep in. When distrust creeps in you lose credibility and undermine your ability to cast a vision and persuade.


Everyone wants to be treated fairly. To receive a good value. To get what they feel like is rightly theirs. When you deal in fairness you build trust.


Passion is not rooted in love. It is about having enthusiasm for something. When you are enthusiastic about what you do others get enthusiastic with you.


Study after study concludes that generous people are happier. You can be generous with your time, money, resources, connects...etc. An attitude of generosity fosters: humbleness, selflessness, contentment, good health, and strong relationships.


Optimism leads to flexibility. As a new company in our ever changing industry, inflexibility will lead to frustration and disappointment.


The definition of perception is ``having or showing an ability to understand or notice something easily or quickly.`` What better way to garner trust with a client and people around you then by showing the ability to quickly understand their issues and provide solutions.

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