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Maximize your Point of Sales Savings

pcAmerica has been designing custom point of sale systems for over 15 years. We are experts in effectively and efficiently implementing new point of sale systems or transitioning your existing cash register into a computerized point of sale system. Whether you operate a chain of restaurants or a single-location video store — when it comes to point of sale savings, we have a system for you.

Tablet Point of Sale System Advantages

Tablet point of sale systems provide a number of advantages designed to meet the unique demands of your business or industry. Discover how tablet POS systems can benefit your business.

  • Small, ergonomic footprint that is ideal for POS environments where space is limited
  • Ideal for applications like line busting, remote sales, and tableside ordering where mobility is a requirement
  • Intuitive design that reduces training and support time
  • Easily integrate Tablet POS systems with traditional PC-based POS systems
  • Available with a variety of flexible purchase or rental options

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